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  • Shipping Methods: RoRo vs. Containers

    Shipping Methods: RoRo vs. Containers

    For this topic, we will discuss the two Shipping Methods: RoRo vs. Containers. When it comes to shipping vehicles, RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) is  more popular than containers because of it’s simplicity and cost effectiveness, but worldwide, containers are often the image of shipping. There are some key differences between the two shipping methods: Roro less expensive…

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  • GIJC Powtoon Video!

  • Car Exhaust Smoke: What do the different kinds and colors of smoke mean?

    Car Exhaust Smoke: What do the different kinds and colors of smoke mean?

    Light or Thin Smoke coming out of your car exhaust when you start your engine may not be a concern as it is caused by water vapor especially in the morning or cold days. This condensation is observable in gasoline engines. For other colors such as Gray, Blue and continuous Black or White exhaust, what…

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  • Why Japanese Cars are Reliable?

    According to an article by Independent.co.uk, Japanese cars are in the top of most reliable cars in the world.  This was based on a poll conducted by What Car and Warranty direct that placed all seven Japanese Makers in top 7: 1. Honda 2. Subaru 3. Mitsubishi 4. Lexus 5. Toyota 6. Mazda 7. Nissan…

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  • Daikoku Futo: Japan’s Coolest Parking Lot!

    Daikoku Futo (大黒埠頭) or Daikoku Pier in English is a man-made parking area located in the Tsurumi ward  of Yokohama in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.  It has become one of the epicenters of exciting car culture in the country,  showcasing exotic, classic and luxury cars in one area! Read the article and see what you…

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  • Nissan GT-R Modified Car and Japanese Car Culture

    The Fascinating World of Japanese Car Culture

    Japan is known for being a manufacturing powerhouse of amazing cars. From Drifting to Initial D, we have heard of the dynamic Japanese car culture. We think we know it all, do you know  Kyusha, Shakotan, VIP, Kaido racers and Itasha style cars? Let’s know more and explore the exciting world of Japanese car culture!  Click here….

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  • Legendary Nissan Skyline

    The Legendary Nissan Skyline

    The Nissan Skyline is one of the most coveted vehicles for many car enthusiast all over the world. Know more about the legendary vehicle, Click here.        

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  • How to import a used vehicle directly from Japan

    How to import used vehicles directly from Japan! (Guide from a Registered Used Vehicle Exporter)

    How to import used vehicles directly from Japan   Japanese vehicles have a reputation and are known all over the world for their reliability and performance exceeding expectations.   They are also known by many Japanese car enthusiasts especially who are into drifting as seen in the movies, animes and video games. Some of the…

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  • Nairobi cars buses

    Infographic: What type of vehicles are Kenyans buying?

    Toyota is the most popular car brand in Kenya, a country of over 40 million people. Majority of the vehicles are supplied There are also other car makes competing in the Kenyan Market other than Japanese brands. Read more on what are the popular cars Makes in the roads of Kenya. Click here.

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