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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find some common questions with regard to vehicle purchase. Should you find yourself unable to find the necessary answer, please feel free to contact send us by sending your inquiry via web form.
Q.How can I buy cars from GIJC?
First thing to do is to register. Once you are done, you will be able to enjoy all of the functions of our web site and our services. You have your questions registered instantly and answered immediately.
Q.Is it safe to buy vehicles online?
Japan vehicle exportation has been a thriving industry for more than 20 years. Annually, more than a million vehicles are exported worldwide every year. Rest assured that the industry is secure, stable and fully established. As with any online transaction, care must be taken in communications and exchanges. Fraudulent emails can be sent to you from hackers who use fake email addresses pretending to represent GIJC and account numbers can be altered on your pro forma invoice by the hackers. Please make sure to double check our bank account information before you make any payment.
Q.What are the available payment methods?
We accept telegraphic transfers (TT) and direct deposits. We accept payment only to the account listed below: Name of Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) Account Name: Global International Japan Corporation Account Number: 0102413 Swift Code: SMBCJPJT Branch Number: 626 Branch Name: Shimoigusa Branch Bank Address: 3-38-17 Shimoigusa Suginami-ku Tokyo, Japan (Please be advised that payments must be directly deposited to our company’s bank account in Japan by the customer. Payments handed to agents or other unauthorized individuals is against company policy.)
Q.Do you accept payment by installment?
We do accept installment payments, We request an initial deposit of 50% or more of the total amount depending on the vehicle type and the remaining balance must be paid within 10 business days after the car has been purchased from the auction. (Please note that we will have the right to cancel the reservation and you will be charged an amount of $1000 as cancellation fees if the balance is not paid within the deadline).
Q.How long does it take for my car to reach my country?
Depending on port and country, basically from 2 weeks to 9 weeks. For African Countries, it’s around 6 weeks to 8 weeks.    
Q.What documents will I receive with my vehicle?
You will receive the following documents: • Bill of lading • Invoice • Packing list • Inspection report (if required in your country) • Load port survey (if required in your country) Other documents needed for your local customs compliance are available upon your request. Requested documents may be delivered by email, fax or courier.
Q.How about the quality of cars?
We own all the vehicles in our stock. All our units have been inspected by GIJC specialists. Full specifications and precise vehicle condition is provided for each of them. Also, Prior to shipping we check the compliance of cars condition with the details indicated in the inspection sheet of car auction houses. You may purchase a Japanese vehicle directly from GIJC at any time.
Q.How can I know the final price of car with the shipping?
Just click on any car and there you will be able to see the final price together with shipping until the port of destination.
Q.If want to talk about specific details of the car whom should I contact?
Once you register on our web site you will be contacted by one of our sales managers, who will be happy to serve you and answer your most detailed questions.
Q.Except English which languages do you offer?
We speak English,Tagalog and Japanese
Q.What if didn’t find the car on your stock?
Please contact us and in 98% of cases we usually find the car for our customers upon special request and make it available.
Q.Can I pay in currencies other than US Dollars?
Yes. We accept payments  in Japanese yen and US Dollars.
Q.Do I have pay for pre-shipping inspection of my car?
It depends on your country’s regulation. Before buying a car please make sure to check with the local regulations pertaining to car imports.  
Q. What does the total car price include?
The total price consists of the car price and shipping to destination country’s port. All other expenses such as customs duties, delivery from the port etc. shall be born by the customer.
Q.For how many days can I reserve the car?
You have 72 hours once the Proforma invoice is sent to your e-mail.
Q.After payment how do I know about the shipping progress of my car?
If you are registered user, all necessary information about your purchase and the shipping progress will be reflected in your personal page.
Q.Can you supply left hand drive vehicles?
Yes. But since in Japan people drive right hand drives the number of left hand driven cars are extremely low. For LHD cars please contact us with have all the necessary details about the car ready including your maximum budget.
Q.Can I order auto parts inside my vehicle?
Unfortunately shipping companies do not allow putting any additional cargo inside the vehicle. For parts concern, please contact our sales team.
Q.How can I find the car I saw previously?
Each vehicle is given its own unique reference number (Ex. GIJ000033).





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